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Qryit is a website builder software product.  Create your own website using our easy to use administration screens.  Qryit is a combination Content Management System (CMS) and Shopping Cart.   Bundled with a hosting plan our solution is the complete package for many types of businesses.

The CMS and Cart are robust products that have just the right amount of features but are not cumbersome to follow.  They offer the creation of web pages that format properly for Google Search and are mobile friendly.  Flexibility for the layout of each an every text content page is available with no programming required.  Simply copy and paste your text, upload photos, select from one the eleven (11) formats and you have a complete page giving you time to focus on your business.   The cart is similiar to the CMS with many features with an ease of use set of administrative screens.  So add your product descriptions, upload photos, price them and you are good to go.

Pay a monthly fee and you have a powerful website for your business.   This is a Software as a Service (SAAS) or cloud solution bundle for your business.  

You create, curate, update, moderate all of your content.  Manage your products, conduct sales and promotions all through a simple yet powerful administration panel.   Free yourself from needing a lot of technical knowledge to build a great website!  Now that is a marketing tool for your company.

Build It with QryIt !

Qryit is a product of Internet Partners 

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