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Content Management Systems (CMS) have been created to help make and manage websites.  They should make web page creation easy for the non-technical.

However, many CMS systems have gotten overly complex and require a technology level that you should not need to possess.    Meet Qryit, a new new type of CMS, part of our website builder, designed to make your job easier!  Quickly generate pages without having to worry about html, css or progressive and mobile design.

Choose a layout for each web page from 8 different options including a carousel along with various picture-image arrangements and text flow.

Determine the location of the page in your website hiearchy including subdirectories if desired.

Complete the page by adding the page name, heading, descriptor and title.

Decide if you want to active the page upon completion or let it remain inactive for further review.  Activation and saving of the page generates and updates your website instantly.

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- Mobile Friendly Design.

- No HTML Programming Required.

- Unlimited Number of Pages.

- Segment Your Data in Directories.

- Search Engine Optimized Pages.

- Choose From Eleven (11) Page Templates. 

- Each Page Has It's Own Template.

- Upload Four (4) Photos Per Page.  Display individually or in a carousel; limited templates.

- Upload a Document (Attachment).


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