Qryit is a Website Builder Software as a Service (SAAS) website builder that includes hosting, email, aCMS and Cart sottware for one price.

What items do you need after you signup for our service?

First, you will receive an email with instructions and checklist for what you need to gather.

Briefly you need to:

1. Purchase Your Domain Name if you don't have one.

2. Route your domain to our Name Servers.

3. If you plan on selling products, signup for Stripe payment processing if you don't have an account with them. (

4. Want to track your page analytics?  Make sure you are setup with Google Analytics and you will have a snippet of code to install in the software configurator.

5. Want to track and share images to Pinterest, get your snippet of code for tracking.

6. Gather your email addresses.

7. Get your pictures and text ready.

Once your web domain is routed properly, we will provision your web builder and give you instructions for signing in and getting started!

Build It With QryIt !


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