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Shopping Carts enable you to sell your products and service on the web.  They enable you to take payment for one, two, ten or hundreds of products in your product catalog.  Shopping carts should be easy to use yet powerful.  Merchandise your product offering, create sales and feature items.  Meet Qryit, a cart application that's easy to use, does not require the knowledge of html or css and is mobile friendly.  Qryit formats your pages for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) so that Google Search will be able find and catalog your pages.

Get started today a component of our website builder, the Qryit Shopping Cart.

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Shopping Cart Features:

Unlimited number of categories.

Cross Selling

Featured Products

Unlimited number of products

Products contain 4 images and 1 attached document

Color options for products if applicable

Size options for products if applicable

Lenghty product descriptions

Retail Price

Selling Price

Special Sale Price with a defined date range

Configure where you ship from and to what countries you will ship to.

Shipping Fees:  Choose free shipping, flat fee, value of the cart with individual product overrides for special item that are exceptions to the rules. 

Choose standard rates, expedited rates, upcharges and international upcharges.

Optionally add packing materials and fulfillment cost additions to orders

Process Credit Card with the Stripe payment processing system.

Update Shipping and Tracking to Orders



Generate Sales Reports.

Abandoned Cart Reports

Generate Sales Tax Reports.

Inventory Control Reports


Sounds like a great, full featured Shopping Cart.

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